Ellipse Sliding Wardrobe Doors

A bold, elegant & effortless design to suit you. Framed perfectly within a beautifully curved aluminium frame. This door style complements any modern room, or office giving it that added luxurious feel.

Updated for 2021

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Door Designs

Top & bottom panels the same (1)
Middle panel/s can be different to top and bottom (2)

Single panel design

Single Panel

Fineline, Three panel design


Wideline, Three panel design


Extra Wideline, Three panel design

Extra Wideline

Four panel design

4 Panel

Wood Effect Panel Finishes

Walnut Finish
Grey Textile Finish
Grey Textile
Oak Finish
Walnut Finish
Cashmere Finish
Stone Grey Finish
Stone Grey
Lava Finish
Dove Grey Finish
Dove Grey
Davos Oak Finish
Davos Oak
Sand Orleans Oak Finish
Sand Orleans Oak

Glass and Mirror Panel Finishes

Mirror Glass Finish
Arctic White Glass Finish
Arctic White
Cappuccino Glass Finish
Black Glass Finish
Pure White Glass Finish
Pure White
Storm Grey Glass Finish
Storm Grey
Duck Egg Blue Glass Finish
Duck Egg Blue**
Bronze Mirror Finish
Bronze Mirror
Grey Mirror Finish
Grey Mirror
Dark Blue Glass Finish
Dark Blue
Maroon Glass Finish
Dark Grey Glass Finish
Dark Grey

**Duck Egg Blue comes as a Matt Finish

Frame Finishes

Satin Silver Finish
Satin Silver (Aluminium)

Ellipse Frame Profile

Classic Door Frame Profile